“What makes Jonathon a brilliant guitar teacher is his ability to combine clear, easy to follow instructions with useful tips on how to play, all done with great affability, empathy and humour.
He is clearly a master of the instrument, able to use a host of techniques and play a wide variety of guitar styles exceptionally well.
Jonathon quickly adapted our lessons to my particular musical interests and competence level. But he does more than simply teach tunes; if you’re interested, he’s also happy to explain the theory behind the music and offer fascinating insights into the artists and their techniques.
All-in-all, I’ve found my one-to-one guitar lessons with Jonathon to be entertaining, enlightening and rewarding. And, best of all, he’s made me a better player!”

Ian V. 


“I’ve had many different music lessons with numerous teachers over the years, Jonathon’s tuition is the clearest and most effective music tuition I have ever used. The way he has adapted all my favorite music into my lessons is brilliant, and the quality of the video conference is so good, I quickly forget that I’m learning online. The multiple camera angles, graphics and multi screen options make everything really easy to follow, and my music lesson now comes direct to my home, making it so much easier to fit into my schedule.”

Guy A-L


“My online lessons with Jonathon are the same as if we were sitting in the same room together! I get just as much from the online lessons as I do face-to-face. In fact, there are multi screen options available online which provide more detail and are easier to follow than face-to-face: Jonathon can play the track we’re working on; share, edit and and highlight parts of the tab on screen while it’s playing; then zoom in on his fretboard while he shows how it’s played. It’s brilliant!”

Simon B. 


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