Global Guitar Tutor Refund Policy


  • In the event that the lesson can not take place due to a technical problem on the teacher’s side, a full refund will be offered alongside the option to reschedule.
  • Refunds can not be provided for technical problems that are the responsibility of the student, please ensure your computer/tablet/phone are charged and that your internet connection is reliable. However, if your internet connection fails during the course of the lesson due to factors beyond your control, Jonathon will always endeavor to make up the lesson time where possible.
  • Partial refunds can be offered in the event of a technical problem on the teacher’s side that prevents full completion of the lesson. However, a rescheduled lesson, or the opportunity to make up lost time will always be offered before a refund.
  • In the unlikely event that Jonathon is ill, or unavailable to take the lesson, a full refund will be provided, or the offer to reschedule. <
  • Students need to give 72 hours notice for cancellations, the lesson can then be rescheduled for another time without the student being charged. Lessons cancelled with less than 72 hours notice will be charged for.